Dinner Time Woes

12 Jun

Am I the only mama out there that finds dinnertime the most exhausting time of the day? Everyone is screaming, something is always burning (eeeek, assuming this is ok as long as it isn’t Lila or Elliott). No matter how much I plan, kids are crying foul and asking for a snack 15 minutes before it is ready. Since Elliott is on a minimal gluten and dairy diet, grabbing something quick to shut them…..errrrrr I mean keep them happy can be hard. That is until I started stocking up on avocado. Armed and ready, I had it cut up and handed it to them before they could be the melodramatics.

So lesson learned. And sheesh, it didn’t take long enough. Four years into being a parent, I have learned slicing up an avocado as my weapon and keeping the troops full. Best thing about it? Avocado is a super food! There are so many nutritional benefits to this little guy, you simply can’t feel bad about giving it to your kiddo. Image


One Response to “Dinner Time Woes”

  1. Steve Haas June 13, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    Are you kidding me. Look at the faces on those kids. Lilia is just to cute to ever cause an problems. And, Elliott is saying, “What’s the big fuss about?” Of course, grandparents do tend to only see their best sides. 🙂

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