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Lookin’ Good.

8 May

We recently completed several of the tests that needed to take place after our last appointment with the geneticist. I have to say the anxiety build up until the day of the internal sonograms was excruciating. Thankfully, the little guy did beautifully (with the help of a mild sedative) and all organs were intact.

Although we were told it was unlikely that there was going to be a huge rearrangement of internal organs, it is REALLY hard to find comfort in statistics at this point. The reason they suspected Elliott’s internal reproductive organs were in tact is the normal appearance of his external organs. In other words, if Elliott had ambiguous genitalia (which he does not have), it would be more likely for a rearrangement internally.

During my research of 45Y/46X, I spoke with a therapist who told me that in some studies there has been evidence of a higher proportion of undetected 45Y/46X genetic makeup in the LBGT population. I am by no means suggesting that being a member of this community is a defect, merely sharing something I found interesting. I read heartbreaking stories of families who had to ‘pick’ the gender of their child when they were born with MGD. And on the opposite end, there are people who believe that unless there is a health risk, the child should not have reassignment surgery. I don’t know how I would have reacted if this was our situation. But I can’t lie…I am thankful that the decision was made for us.